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oh hi there

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try to actually build on top of other stuff instead of pulling from very very little

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Are we testing? I love testing!

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ye of so much faith

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muda muda muda muda

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Nice try, lol. I'm using asyncpg for everything SQL which means no manipulating queries as strings.

(It all gets passed as parameters of a message and the actual SQL server handles the "escaping" automatically.)

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There's boards besides news right now by the way. We currently have everything in the Big 8:

  • comp for everything computers
  • humanities for the liberal arts majors
  • misc because of course
  • news does what it says on the tin
  • rec for fun and profit
  • sci for science and general galaxy-braining it
  • soc because sometimes you just wanna chat
  • talk is basically a misc clone but maybe a bit more serious - we'll see what people do with it.
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Yeah, whoops. I'll get that on the issue tracker.

well let's get this whole thing started off right then